About Us…

Working with First and Last PR is like getting a combination of
Olivia Pope, Carrie Bradshaw, & Beyonce all in one.

First and Last PR is a highly regarded, award winning, Independent Beauty Public Relations and Digital Media Marketing Firm providing services to leading luxury and consumer product goods companies, mid-sized beauty firms and the next generation of innovative beauty brands.


Why Us?

First and Last PR offers an abundance of experience and expertise with deep-rooted industry connections that have been genuinely built over the years to offer our clients excellent resources and services across a multitude of platforms. We are celebrated for our inventive strategies and innovative, memorable launches.  

First and Last PR’s connections to top beauty editors, bloggers and influencers within the beauty, style, tech, art and entertainment industries enable brand loyalty and make us the agency of record for discerning beauty brands. 



Stephanie Scott-Bradshaw

CEO & Communicator-in-Chief

Stephanie’s love of PR grew out of her desire to help people and give back. By partnering with top beauty and lifestyle brands, she is able to empower millions of men, women and children to live their best lives. A lover of fine fragrances, good food and Stevie Wonder songs, Stephanie enjoys dancing, cooking and spending meaningful time with her friends and family.


Linda Scott

Director of Business Development

Relationship building is second nature to Linda. A life-long learner with an insatiable appetite for naturally beautiful living who enjoys an eco-friendly, healthy, natural good-for-all lifestyle who believes building brands the right way in the long way is the best way.


Catalina Ramirez

Account Executive

Catalina brings passion and dedication to every project giving her all with a smile. Her fresh ideas, thoughtful execution and attention to detail makes her the ultimate team player. If she’s not capturing content for social media, you can find her with her friends at the beach/by the pool in the Summer or keeping warm with a book in the Winter.


Nyaa Ferary

Account Executive

Nyaa is the beauty junkie you need on your side. From the latest beauty tips and trends for her eye-catching pitches, Nyaa loves to find buzzy ways to make an impact with the media. If she isn’t constantly scrolling her IG feed, you can find her adding new restaurants to her food bucket list.


Ashia Paez

Public Relations Assistant

Ashia is super social IRL and via social media. Constantly thinking of new ways to evolve, Ashia is never afraid to put any idea on the table. She is also a huge travel junkie! In her spare time, you can find her searching for flights and places for her next big trip. When Ashia is not hyper focused on daily tasks or a big project, she is always seeking out new ways to help the team and clients to keep things moving.


Sofia Perez Verastegui

Researcher and Design Specialist

With her love for art and her design eye, Sofia is always creating something new in the office. With her “can do” attitude and abilities, Sofia is good support for the team. If you are looking for an honest opinion, Sofia just tells it like it is. In her spare time, you can find her trying new activities like yoga and dancing.