Top 4 Tips from the 2017 NJ Digital Marketing Conference

Written By: Catalina Ramirez 

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At First and Last PR, we believe that learning and educating yourself should never stop. One of the ways that we continue growing is by attending seminars and events that are a learning experience within our field. This summer, So when SEMGeeks hosted the 2017 Digital Marketing Conference in Belmar, NJ at the Beach Haus Brewery this summer, we jumped at the opportunity to learn more. Come on, who wouldn’t want to learn the latest in digital marketing with the waves crashing around you? The conference was filled with amazing speakers and networking opportunities. All of the speakers shared excellent tips on how to increase your visibility and exposure in your market. We’d like to share with you some of the tips from the speakers that resonated with us.

  • Website Must be Attention Grabbing

    • Speaker: Carmin Haynes - Agency Account Strategist at Google Marketing Solutions

    • Carmin shared that it’s not enough just to be present in the internet. Websites must be appealing with great speed and frictions kill interest. Your website should be considered an investment and not a burden as it is the first thing your potential client sees.

  • Don’t Duplicate Content on All Social Media Platforms

    • Speaker: Patrick Stokes - Senior VP of Product Management at Salesforce

    • Patrick suggests not having the same information on all platforms. It’s a lot more intriguing when a company has different information on all their platforms, yet with the same deliverance method and style. This encourages their audience to connect with them on all platforms.

  • The Media is your Partner

    • Speaker: Alex Cameron - Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at iHeartMedia

    • Alex believes that it’s important to see the media as a partner rather than a vendor. The media knows what information sells and resonates with their audience. They will tell your story in the way that will best work for their outlet.

  • Stay True to Your Brand

    • Speaker: Alex Faherty - Co-Founder of Faherty Brand, Premium Clothing

    • Alex Faherty shared from experience that you shouldn’t share all news around your brand because not all press can be good press. If a celebrity fan uses your product but you think they aren’t beneficial or a good example for your brand, don’t share this content with your viewers.

The tips above are just some of the points that stood out to us and that we agree with. It’s important to consider reevaluating your digital marketing strategy often as new technology arises to make sure you are maximizing your marketing efforts.

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