ColorComm’s “Breaking Into The Beauty Industry” Recap

Written By: Catalina Ramirez 

This past Wednesday, First and Last PR’s CEO and Communicator-in-Chief Stephanie Scott was part of ColorComm’s “Breaking Into The Beauty Industry” Spring Spree. Stephanie was invited as a special guest speaker on a panel, where she would share her knowledge on beauty public relations to a diverse group of women and her road to becoming the expert she is now. The panel included Co-Founder and Editor-In-Chief of CRWN Magazine Lindsey Day, Estee Lauder's Marketing Strategist Antonia Dean and writer/editor Jacqueline Laurean Yates.

ColorComm is a networking organization for women of color interested in all areas of communication. They started off their amazing journey by gathering for luncheons in Washington, D.C. and have grown to invite-only events with prestigious guest speakers.

The “Breaking Into The Beauty Industry” event took place at the Inglot Cosmetics studio (a beauty girl’s heaven) located in Chelsea Market from 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM. Stephanie invited me to come along with her and what an honor it was to attend such an educational event. As you pushed through the oversized glass doors, you walked into a studio filled with makeup and in the middle of the room there were rows of chairs for all the women to sit. There was a bar set up next to the chairs where drinks were served by Made Real, a vodka brand started by women. The guest also had the opportunity to get Swivel’s (a new hair care review app for women of color) signature hairstyle done.

The night started off with an introduction made by Zoe Zeigler, ColorComm’s Executive Director for their NYC chapter and Senior Manger at Teen Vogue.  Zoe introduced all the amazing panelists and then got right into asking the women questions  all their ventures in their area of beauty industry and what advice they would like to share with the guests. The three key points that resonated the most from listening to all the amazing yet unique experiences were:

  1. Put Yourself Out There!

    1. Your dream job is not going to come looking for you so always make sure you put yourself out there and gain some exposure. If you are looking to be part of the beauty world, then you need to understand it. Be that person that says yes and take those meetings that no one wants to go to. These are occasions where you will be able to network and gain the most experience.

  2. Be A Resource For Others.

    1. If you are reaching out to someone for some help, make sure that there is something that they will gain as well. People will be more eager to help you out if they are receiving something in return. One of the ways that you can become a resource is by doing some friendly stalking and learn about some their interests, then update them on when the next sale for their favorite beauty products is going to be. This will help you add some value back to the relationship. Most importantly, constantly thank them for the help that they are providing you with.

  3. Hustle

    1. Nothing will get you further than hustling your way there. Work really hard for what you want and make sure that someone is noticing.

    Overall, the event was a great experience. It was a pleasure listening to and being surrounded by such dynamic women who are also excelling in our industry. For more information on the beauty industry and public relations, check out our website and follow us on Instagram!


Here are some pictures of the event courtesy of the ColorComm team!