5 Steps to Increasing Brand Visibility and Turning Social Media Into Sales

Written by: Stephanie Bustamante

This past Thursday, October 13, 2016 CEW hosted yet another amazing event: “Turning Social Media into Sales”. The Beauty Insider Series addressed the warp-speed changes in digital and social media and the challenges facing every beauty brand, big and small. The event featured three savvy panelists - Trendalytics’ Co-founder and CEO, Karen Moon, Tribe Dynamics’ Co-founder and President Conor Begley and MAC Cosmetics’ SVP, Global, Laura Elkins. During their discussions and presentations one major point that resonated with us was how the relationship between brands and influencers impacts social media and sales. Like most things in life, this is a cycle, and this one in particular includes having great products, relationship building, the choice of balance and authenticity. We elaborate on this in the below points:

1. Great products win. The cycle begins with brands creating amazing products for their consumers. Bloggers, vloggers and makeup artists love to try new, innovative products. This leads to them creating an authentic voice for their fans by creating content on their social media platforms.

2. Relationship building. As a brand, it’s important to keep track of these influencers who already shared a voice for your products. Create a relationship with these influencers or hire a great PR firm as we help to establish and build relationships with them for future partnerships and content development for upcoming launches.

3. Authenticity Rules! A great example for this is the relationship between popular influencer Jaclyn Hill and Becca Cosmetics - which has recently been acquired by Estee Lauder. Jaclyn started as a true fan for Becca Cosmetics and now has a collaboration with them. This authenticity increases credibility in the influencer as well as for the brand because her fans know she truly believes in the brand.

4. The choice of balance. If you're launching a campaign where you will be sponsoring posts, don't forget to factor in organic posts as well. This will keep your brand on a more relatable scale. It is also important to work with influencers who not only have a great following, but have a positive engagement level with their fans - this brings us back to authenticity!

5. Measure your success. How? Simple. It’s all about the conversation and engagements. The louder the conversation the more visibility your brand will receive. This will allow an increase of consumers education, brand recognition and eventually sales.

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